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War on Want in the news

Below is a selection of War on Want's appearances in the media.

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BBC News 04-Dec-14 A million sign petition against EU-US trade talks

International Business Times 04-Dec-14 One million protestors sign petition against controversial EU and US trade deal

Huffington Post UK 03-Dec-14 Why did 22 Afro-Colombian women occupy the Colombian interior ministry for five days? 24-Nov-14 Social enterprises exporting fair fashion to western consumers

Left Foot Forward 21-Nov-14 No justice for South Africa's murdered activists

The Independent 20-Nov-14 TTIP backlash: NHS needs protecting from US trade deal, says Labour

The News Hub 19-Nov-14 NHS at risk in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) 18-Nov-14 How to achieve fair wages in the fashion industry - we ask the experts 18-Nov-14 How to achieve fair wages in the fashion industry - we ask the experts

Daily Record 03-Nov-14 Melanie Harvey: We don't need to be told we haven't got the perfect body.. we already know that

The Guardian 03-Nov-14 Feminist T-shirt campaign in trouble over claims workers paid 62p an hour

Belfast Telegraph 02-Nov-14 What is TTIP? And six reasons why the answer should scare you

Open Democracy 28-Oct-14 The most important thing you've never heard of

Daily Telegraph 16-Oct-14 Apple iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 and iMac Retina 5K launch - as it happened

City A.M. 11-Oct-14 EU-US trade deal: Business vs. NGOs

Reuters 09-Oct-14 Aid groups cheer food price fall to 4-year low, "hunger hotspots" remain

Left Foot Forward 08-Oct-14 Stop TTIP to save our NHS

Left Foot Forward 08-Oct-14 Why I'm fighting the anti-democratic TTIP

Huffington Post 05-Oct-14 Exploited workers in Hong Kong went on strike this week to call for pro-democracy

BBC news online 03-Oct-14 US and EU 'make progress' in free trade area talks

Aljazeera 30-Sep-14 Free trade' agreements: Power to the corporations? 12-Sep-14 Outrage as EU blocks democratic challenge to US trade deal 12-Sep-14 Campaigners put garment workers in spotlight at London Fashion Week

The Independent 02-Sep-14 Trade critics driven 'by anti-American sentiment'

Forbes 28-Aug-14 Is this EU-US trade deal a 'once-in-a-generation' opportunity?

The Guardian 17-Aug-14 Taxation in the UK’s Del Boy economy 13-Aug-14 Guantanamo Bay deal helps good times return for security firm G4S

The Ecologist 13-Aug-14 Nice work: G4S wins $118m Guantanamo contract

Aljazeera 08-Aug-14 Gaza: Conquest or capitulation?

London Evening Standard 04-Aug-14 Bomb Gaza' game removed from Google 28-Jul-14 As the Gaza crisis deepens, boycotts can raise the price of Israel’s impunity

International Business Times 24-Jul-14 TTIP: 150,000 register concerns over controversial ISDS clause of free trade agreement

The Scotsman 17-Jul-14 Supermarkets cut costs in bid to attract parental cash

Financial Times 17-Jun-14 UK officials reject tax complaints against Alliance Boots

The Observer 15-Jun-14 Quest for food self-sufficiency cannot be left to the markets

The Times 12-Jun-14 Tax protest puts the Boots in

Marketing Week 11-Jun-14 VIDEO: Boots faces brand damage over ‘tax avoidance’ protests

Financial Times 06-Jun-14 G4S to end Israeli jail contracts within three years

Daily Telegraph 06-Jun-14 G4S meeting disrupted by protest over Israel links

The Guardian 06-Jun-14 G4S security guards violently remove protesters from AGM

International Business Times 06-Jun-14 G4S to end all Israeli torture prison contracts within next three years 05-Jun-14  Protesters ejected from G4S annual meeting

Evening Standard 05-Jun-14 Campaigners hit out at G4S at London meeting

Evening Standard 05-Jun-14 Troubled G4S vows to ensure it is ‘fit for purpose’

The Guardian 04-Jun-14 G4S must end its complicity in Israel's abuse of child prisoners

The Guardian 04-Jun-14 Desmond Tutu tells G4S to stop supplying to Israeli prisons

Mail on Sunday 01-Jun-14 G4S facing questions over its contracts in the Middle East as protestors gear up to demonstrate against firm this week

Bloomberg 29-May-14 UK government urged to probe Alliance Boots over tax affairs

International Business Times 21-May-14 TTIP: Opponents attack negotiations as undemocratic and lacking transparency

Daily Mail 16-May-14 Boots scraps staff bonus scheme for first time in 10 years despite profit rise - but promises directors won't get a bonus either

Financial Times 16-May-14 Alliance Boots benefits from Walgreens tie-up

The Independent 16-May-14 Boots' £2m tax bill: 'We don't have to justify ourselves'

The Guardian 16-May-14 George Osborne's tax changes sweeten Alliance Boots liabilities pill by £100m

Daily Telegraph 15-May-14 Boots: we are one of the UK's biggest taxpayers 06-May-14 Building trade unions in Bangladesh will help prevent another Rana Plaza  01-May-14 Security after the war on terror: Britain urged to give up on 'force projection' 30-Apr-14 Sting of zero-hours contracts revealed

The Observer 27-Apr-14 Boycott Morocco plea to UK tourists over Western Sahara 'abuses'

International Business Times 24-Apr-14 Rana Plaza disaster activists form human chain around Oxford Street’s Gap shop

The Guardian 24-Apr-14 Bangladesh garment workers still vulnerable a year after Rana Plaza

Huffington Post 22-Apr-14  David Cameron is wrong on Britain and Christianity

The Observer 20-Apr-14 Ethical lobby to target fashion retailers with supply chain campaign

Daily Mail 19-Apr-14 Primark soars after factory disaster fails to deter shoppers

International Business Times 15-Apr-14  H&M can 'well afford' decent living wage for Bangladeshi textile workers

Daily Mirror 05-Apr-14 England's £90 World Cup shirt made by Nike's Indonesian workers earning just 30p an hour

Daily Mail 26-Mar-14 Medicine man who is taking Boots to the world

The Guardian 25-Mar-14 MPs call for more transparency over UK's use of drones

The Observer 23-Mar-14 GM crops are not the only solution to feeding the world

The Ecologist 20-Mar-14 The new frontlines of war

The Mail on Sunday 16-Mar-14 Praise for the Queen as she casts protocol aside to say the poor need help

Yahoo News 10-Mar-14 Big business and the worldwide assault on democracy 24-Feb-14 Western Sahara activists feel full force of Moroccan intimidation 19-Feb-14 Western Sahara activists feel full force of Moroccan intimidation

The Ecologist 18-Feb-14 Africa's farm revolution - who will benefit?

Liberte Algerie 18-Feb-14 Human rights, purpose of the visit of British MPs

Le temps d’Algerie 16-Feb-14 A delegation of the British Parliament in the occupied territories of Western Sahara

Diaspora Saharaui  16-Feb-14 British delegation decides to participate as an observer Sahrawi demonstrations

Sahara Press Service 15-Feb-14 A British parliamentary delegation visit occupied Western Sahara 15-Feb-14 Morocco: British parliamentary delegation holds meeting with human rights organization in Western Sahara

The Independent 14-Feb-14 Filling my Boots? I know we are paying our taxes

The Ecologist 13-Feb-14 Feeding the world - or feeding the corporations? 13-Feb-14 Valentine's Day ethics: how green is your red rose?

Daily Mirror 13-Feb-14 The cost of a Valentine's rose - poor Kenyan workers on £30 a month

Huffington Post 12-Feb-14 Foreign aid or flood relief? Charities say UKIP call is 'immoral'  06-Feb-14 TV footage claims new Bangladesh factory abuses

Huffington Post 30-Jan-14 Scarlett Johansson stands by SodaStream and ditches Oxfam over Israel boycott row

International Business Times 28-Jan-14 Blood bricks: ending modern slavery

The Guardian 21-Jan-14 Davos 2014: bosses see a half-full glass - for now

The Independent 14-Jan-14 UK sovereignty 'at risk' from EU-US trade deal

The Independent 04-Jan-14 G4S contracts in Israeli occupied territories face major investigation

Metro 03-Jan-14 Flat broke Britain: Millions start new year in fear of eviction


Daily Mail 19-Dec-13 Taxman is 'not on the side' of people who play by the rules and has 'lost its nerve' over global firms who avoid paying up

Daily Mail 19-Dec-13 We're no different to a self-employed trader when it comes to tax... says Vodafone! 11-Dec-13 Britain in line for brutal Israeli drone

The Guardian 09-Dec-13 Charity condemns Israeli role in UK drone project

International Business Times 07-Dec-13 Global trade deal could starve world's poorest, says charity

Bloomberg News 07-Dec-13 WTO seals deal for first time in 18 years to ease trade

BBC News Online 07-Dec-13 WTO agrees global trade deal worth $1n

The Independent 06-Dec-13 World Trade Organisation on verge of trade deal that could lift millions out of poverty

The Guardian 05-Dec-13 Chancellor's £9bn tax avoidance claims met with scepticism by campaigners

Daily Mail 28-Nov-13  Tax dealings put Boots on the back foot

Financial Times 28-Nov-13 Alliance Boots under pressure on tax bill, Alliance Boots sees focus turning to debt deals and Alliance Boots can dispel WoW factor with disclosure

Daily Telegraph 28-Nov-13 Boots ‘broke’ tax and disclosure rules claims charity

Daily Mail 28-Nov-13 Boots the Chemist to sue US charity over tax allegations

Bermuda Sun 26-Nov-13 Bermuda is a key target in tax haven accusations 26-Nov-13 Campaigners fume as tax havens chiefs gather in London

The Guardian 12-Nov-13 We fight for a decent home, and a decent South Africa

Morning Star 06-Nov-13 City planning affects us all

The Guardian 25-Oct-13 Love but don't obey

Huffington Post 24-Oct-13 Joining forces in the fight for the right to the city

The Independent 23-Oct-13 Surviving a disaster: Primark bids to repair the damage

The Independent 19-Oct-13 Eurobonds scandal: The high street giants avoiding millions in tax

Channel 5 News Online 15-Oct-13 Hilary: Boots happy to make money out of taxpayer, but not pay tax

City AM 15-Oct-13 Alliance Boots insists its tax arrangements are within law

The Times 15-Oct-13 Boots ‘avoided £1.1 billion tax’

The Mirror 15-Oct-13 Boots owners accused of using a legal loophole to avoid paying £1.1BILLION in tax

The Independent 15-Oct-13 Boots owner Alliance 'uses havens to save £1.1bn in corporation tax'

Reuters 14-Oct-13 NGOs accuse Alliance Boots of avoiding $1.8 billion in UK taxes

Aljazeera English 15-Sep-13 Workers' plight in focus at UK fashion week

Russia Today 14-Sep-13 Future war: Arms industry shows off next-gen drones in London

The Guardian 06-Sep-13 Bangladeshi union chief brings living wage campaign to London fashion week

Left Foot Forward 14-Aug-13 Opinion: British politicians’ apathy towards sweatshops

The Observer 28-Jul-13 Admit it: You love cheap clothes. And you don't care about child slave labour - Gethin Chamberlain's three years of revelations

The Guardian 24-Jul-13 Topshop tycoon attacked for refusal to sign Bangladesh safety deal

The Observer 20-Jul-13 How poverty wages for tea pickers fuel India's trade in child slavery

The Guardian 11-Jul-13 American retailers' plan for Bangladesh factory safety branded a sham

Ekklesia 10-Jul-13 Health hazards in China's denim factories

Morning Star 09-Jul-13 Big brands must stop sandblasting now

Farming UK 26-Jun-13 Supermarket watchdog powers come into force

The Guardian 18-Jun-13 G8 and tax avoidance: Q&A

The Independent 17-Jun-13 Hopes of G8 tax avoidance breakthrough fading fast as Bermuda refuses to sign up to new rules

New Statesman 14-Jun-13 It is in the UK's power to end tax havens

EU Observer 11-Jun-13 The G8’s great land-grab

New Internationalist 10-Jun-13 G8 hunger summit provokes protest and praise

The Guardian 10-Jun-13 G8 needs reminding the market doesn't know best when it comes to hunger 08-Jun-13 Britain and Bill Gates sign up to £2.7bn international fund to tackle world hunger

The Guardian 08-Jun-13 Back African smallholders, not agribusiness

The Guardian 06-Jun-13 Israeli prison contracts take centre stage at G4S shareholder meeting

Financial Times 06-Jun-13 G4S shareholders lambast the board

Metro 30-May-13 More than half a million going hungry in breadline Britain

Sunday Times 26-May-13 Cosmetics duo clean up with big payout

Huffington Post UK 25-May-13 Bangladesh factory collapse: London protests held to demand compensation from Benetton, Mango on Oxford Street

Huffington Post UK 22-May-13 Bargain basement clothes to blame for Bangladesh factory collapse, other deadly disasters: NGOs

ITV News 21-May-13 Many retailers 'not compensating Dhaka families' 19-May-13 Working conditions in the fashion industry: news and resources round up 16-May-13 Bangladesh's garment workers face exploitation, but is it slavery?

ITV News 15-May-13 Bangladesh safety plan: 'A crucial victory for workers'

Huffington Post UK 14-May-13 Search for Rana Plaza survivors ends as Zara and Primark pledge new safety law

CNN 14-May-13 Bangladesh building collapse: An end to recovery efforts, a promise of a new start

Sky News 14-May-13 Global retail giants sign Bangladesh accord

Channel 4 News 14-May-13 Will other retailers follow Primark's lead on Bangladesh?

The Independent 14-May-13 Bangladesh factory collapse: Gap refuses to back safety deal

Bloomberg Business Week 09-May-13 Bangladesh's paradox for poor women workers

Huffington Post UK 06-May-13 Bangladesh factory collapse: should you boycott Primark over workers' rights?

The Guardian 03-May-13 Bangladesh factory collapse could force rethink for garment industry

Financial Times/Washington Post 01-May-13 EU considers trade limits on Bangladesh

Huffington Post UK 01-May-13 RAF drones operated from UK base strike Afghanistan for first time

Financial Times/Washington Post 01-May-13 Global retailers pledge help for Bangladesh factory victims as death toll passes 400

Daily Express 30-Apr-13 Primark to compensate victims of Bangladesh disaster as death toll reaches 385

Daily Mail 30-Apr-13 Bangladesh factory death toll could reach 1,400

The Guardian 29-Apr-13 We need to link global development with austerity at home

The Times 28-Apr-13 Protesters march against UK's use of unmanned drones

The Big Issue 28-Apr-13 Counting the cost

International Business Times 28-Apr-13 Bangladesh building collapse: grinding poverty drives workers into dangerous sweatshops for western corporations

Bloomberg 28-Apr-13 Shoppers turn blind eye to Bangladesh in $6 bikini hunt

Metro 28-Apr-13 Primark to compensate Bangladesh collapse victims

BBC news online 27-Apr-13 Bangladesh tragedy: UK and companies 'must do more'

Daily Star (Bangladesh) 27-Apr-13 UK companies pressed to 'do more'

Independent on Sunday 27-Apr-13 Marcus Brigstocke: 'I'm the most interesting subject I have at the moment'

Huffington Post UK 27-Apr-13 Primark targeted by protesters after Bangladesh building collapse

Metro 27-Apr-13 Protesters surround Primark store on Oxford Street following Bangladesh factory deaths

Daily Mail 27-Apr-13 Primark urged to compensate garment factory victims

The Sun 27-Apr-13 High cost of cheap fashion

Huffington Post UK 27-Apr-13 UK is using drones in Afghanistan, ministry of defence confirms

Evening Standard 27-Apr-13 Unmanned drone missions in Afghanistan being operated by RAF from UK airbase

Daily Express 27-Apr-13 Anti-drones demo staged at RAF base

The Guardian 27-Apr-13 Bangladesh factory collapse: police detain owners, as death toll exceeds 350

CNN 27-Apr-13 Anti-drone protests take off in Britain

Sky News 26-Apr-13 Demo against UK's use of armed drones

Daily Mail 26-Apr-13 RAF pilots control unmanned drones on missions against the Taliban from UK soil for the first time

The Independent 26-Apr-13 Protest held against RAF Waddington's Afghanistan drone strikes

The Guardian 26-Apr-13 Time to halt UK's escalating drone use

Channel 4 News 26-Apr-13 Demo as drones flown from UK soil

Time 26-Apr-13 Must-Reads from Around the World

The Independent 26-Apr-13 290 dead as high street fashion chains told to put lives before profits after Bangladeshi factory collapse

Reuters 25-Apr-13 Bangladesh building tragedy down to West's cost squeeze

Daily Telegraph 25-Apr-13 Bangladesh factory collapse: rescue teams hunt for survivors

The Guardian 25-Apr-13 UK starts controlling drones in Afghanistan from British soil

Huffington Post 14-Feb-13 Mali, Algeria, Libya and the New Front Line In 'Energy Diplomacy'

The Guardian 27-Jan-13 Global food crisis: hunger games

Daily Mirror 21-Jan-13 'Pippa' bag profits as workers struggle

The Guardian 17-Jan-13 Other lives: Khorshed Alam


The Guardian 05-Dec-12 Tax avoidance: George Osborne accused of 'tinkering around the edges'

BBC News 03-Dec-12 Tax authority HMRC urged to get tough on global firms

Al Jazeera 26-Nov-12 Cutting corners in Bangladesh (video)

Daily Mirror 10-Nov-12 That's rich! Starbucks paying staff 25p an hour in new Indian cafes 01-Nov-12 Comment: In Britain and Africa, campaigners fight for housing equality

Press TV 29-Oct-12 Potential food crisis linked to banks (video)

Morning Star 17-Sep-12 Good Food activists call for humane new system 14-Sep-12 Comment: Chinese worker exploitation, the iPhone5 and you

Third Sector 11-Sep-12  Case Study: War on Want

New Statesman 18-Aug-12 Thirty years since Mexico's default, Greece must break this sadistic debt spiral

The Guardian 17-Aug-12 Is the faultline among NGOs over the future of development deepening?

The Metro 15-Aug-12 Tax-dodging fugitives on £750 million hit list

The Guardian 13-Aug-12 UK hunger summit's focus on global malnutrition receives cautious welcome

The Guardian 11-Aug-12 Hunger summit: think small

Huffington Post UK 10-Aug-12 Bid for Africa’s First Olympics, But What About Kenya’s Hardest Hit?

The Express 04-Aug-12 Campaigners target sportswear giant

The Guardian 01-Aug-12 Ban Ki-moon names panel to lead global development agenda post-2015

The Guardian 24-Jul-12 Privatising security set to increase despite Olympics row

Independent 25-Jul-12 £100m in sponsorship - and the Olympics have Adidas written all over them

Huffington Post UK  23-Jul-12 Fate often moves with ironic steps

Metro 14-Jul-12 Adidas hit by price tag protest over third world workers 

The Guardian 04-Jul-12 We demand a judicial inquiry into banking 

Huffington Post UK 23-Jun-12 Comment: Fate often moves with ironic steps

Morning Star 23-Jun-12 Adidas insults workers with £35 vouchers

Huffington Post UK 19-Jun-12 Rio Summit Must Put People Before Profits

Morning Star 19-Jun-12 Business as usual is not an option

The Guardian (letters) 19-Jun-12 Turn despair into hope at the Earth summit

The Guardian 15-Jun-12 Mining firm Bumi accused of human rights abuses

Morning Star 08-Jun-12 Sweatshop shame for Adidas

BBC News 07-Jun-12 London 2012: War on Want criticises Adidas 'sweatshops'

Third Sector 07-Jun-12 War on Want: Digital campaign of the week

The Ecologist 16-May-12 Curbing supermarkets' power: will the Groceries Code Adjudicator have the teeth to bite?

The Independent 05-May-12 The shareholder spring

Al Jazeera 02-May-12 Peru: Undermining justice

Huffington Post 28-Apr-12 Shappi Khorsandi: Why I'm supporting War on Want

The Observer 22-Apr-12 Queen's speech omission ignites overseas aid row

Red Pepper 01-Apr-12 The Olympic branding game

Morning Star 23-Mar-12 Real brand of Olympics 2012: sweatshop labour

Daily Star 08-Mar-12 9p per hour for Olympic logo 'slaves'

Huffington Post 07-Mar-12 Tessa Jowell urges London 2012 Olympics sponsor Adidas to change worker conditions

The Observer 04-Mar-12 Olympic brands caught up in abuse scandal

Daily Express 29-Feb-12 Redgrave supports anti-poverty appeal

The Ecologist 07-Feb-12 Co-op, M&S and Waitrose close links to 'unethical' companies

The Guardian 06-Feb-12 How £50m in UN food aid for starving went to Glencore

BBC Newsnight 01-Feb-12 Does the UK's aid programme win business contracts?

Daily Mail 08-Jan-12 Kate urged: lobby fashion chain over slave labour row

Morning Star 05-Jan-12 Coalition plans 'aid for a price' program

New Internationalist 01-Jan-12 Is the EU damaging to democratic rights?


Morning Star 22-Dec-11 The destruction of Palestinian homes must end

The Guardian 21-Dec-11 Tax avoidance must become taboo 19-Dec-11 BANGLADESH: Compensation sought after Zara factory deaths

Russia Today 15-Dec-11 No credence in Blackwater revival

The Guardian 15-Nov-11 We are the change: welfare, education and law at the Occupy camp

OneWorld 11-Nov-11 UK ministers warned: Get out of Libya

Russia Today 11-Nov-11 Make money, make war: UK profits from Libya mess

Financial Times 17-Oct-11 UK food policy blamed for global hunger

Morning Star 29-Sep-11 Out of sight - out of mind

Morning Star 23-Aug-11 Campaigners warn 'hallmarks of a new Afghanistan are all there'

BBC News 27-Jul-11 Glastonbury's Michael Eavis backs 'sweat-free' Olympics

Morning Star 26-Jul-11 Glasto boss: No sweat at Olympic Games

The People 17-Jul-11 Bangladeshi workers claim they are slaves to make dresses for brand favoured by Kate and Pippa Middleton

Metro 14-Jul-11 Nike staff in Indonesia subject to 'serious' physical and verbal abuse

Daily Telegraph 14-Jul-11 Tax haven abuse costs the UK government £16 billion per year

BBC Newsnight 13-Jun-11 Can philanthropy save the world?

Morning Star 13-Jun-11 BBC swallows 'precision' lies

Red Pepper 01-Jun-11 Libya: Here we go again

Daily Mail 28-May-11 Kate's dazzling dress is made in Romanian 'sweatshop' by women on just 99p an hour

Daily Telegraph 08-May-11 New Look and Primark help Indian factory workers to open bank accounts

The Ecologist 13-Apr-11 PG Tips and Lipton tea hit by 'sexual harassment and poor conditions' claims

Daily Mirror 09-Apr-11 Mercenaries hired to gather intelligence in creeping privatisation of the war in Afghanistan 31-Mar-11 Charities and unions rally to support UK Uncut

Daily Telegraph 26-Mar-11 Massive police operation begins as hundreds of thousands gather for spending cuts march

Morning Star 24-Mar-11 The future's handed over

Daily Mirror 23-Mar-11 Campaigners to protest against cuts

Red Pepper 18-Mar-11 War on Want: Poverty is political

The Guardian 11-Mar-11 Britain's investment for development comes under scrutiny

Daily Mail 23-Feb-11 It is not wrong to sell arms, says David Cameron as he defends sale of weapons to Middle East

The Independent 22-Feb-11 Cameron attacked for Egypt visit with defence sales team in tow

New Statesman 14-Feb-11 The reality of Britain's war in Afghanistan

The Guardian 14-Feb-11 Sixty years campaigning to end poverty - in pictures

The Guardian 12-Feb-11 War on Want: 60 years on, still fighting poverty and militarism

The Guardian 12-Feb-11 War on Want letter urges UK troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

Daily Telegraph 05-Feb-11 Major UK retailer's child labour problem

The Guardian 01-Feb-11 Call for an inquiry into use of CS spray

Morning Star 15-Jan-11 Israel training Brit army in drone use



Morning Star 22-Dec-10 British police linked to death squads

Scotland on Sunday 19-Dec-10 Call to unmask Weir bosses behind £3m Iraq kickbacks

The Observer 12-Dec-10 Britain's high street chains are named by sweatshop probe

The Scotsman 01-Dec-10 War on Want defends its backing of tax protests

BBC News online 20-Nov-10 Protest against Afghanistan war

The Guardian 02-Nov-10 The Business: Could a US-China trade war take down the world economy?

Civil Society 14-Oct-10 All in: War on Want's fully integrated World Cup campaign

The Metro 30-Sep-10 Tetley accused of violating human rights after three worker deaths

The New York Times 17-Sep-10 Fun With Rental Bikes in Paris and London

Daily Mail 13-Sep-10 High life of third world poverty quango bosses

Morning Star 01-Sep-10 Charity coalition urge action on ending £30bn Pakistan debt

The Guardian 26-Aug-10 Andrew Mitchell soothes charities' fears over planned DfID cuts

The Guardian 10-Aug-10 Ex-Northern Ireland policeman shot dead in Afghanistan by prisoner

Morning Star 26-Jul-10 Starving and exploited: true cost of your cuppa

CNN International 08-Jul-10 Fact or fiction: World Cup woes for homeless

The Metro 22-Jun-10 Wags in £9,000 World Cup goody bags row

Daily Mail 21-Jun-10 England's WAGs will get £9,000 goody bag to attend cocktail party in poverty-hit South Africa

New Statesman 11-Jun-10 Back the people of South Africa, not the football teams

The Indepedent 09-Jun-10 Government may withdraw billions from overseas projects

PBS NewsHour 08-Jun-10 Slide Show: South Africa's Diverse Soccer Stadiums

The Independent 27-May-10 Concern over human cost overshadows iPad launch

The Sun 19-Apr-10 Homeless and away

The Guardian 02-Apr-10 Life in 'Tin Can Town' for the South Africans evicted ahead of World Cup

Indymedia 31-Mar-10 Waitrose Supermarket Occupied on International BDS Day of Action

The Metro 29-Mar-10 World Cup bosses kick out homeless

The Independent 22-Mar-10 'Economic cleansing' in BBC's World Cup backyard

The Independent 02-Mar-10 - 21 workers die in fire at H&M factory

The Independent 02-Mar-10 - Marks & Spencer sets out its sustainable stall

The Guardian 19-Feb-10 - Parts for sniper rifles among Britain's military sales to Israel

The Times 31-Jan-10 - Ugly low-pay truth of high street fashion

The Independent 15-Jan-10 -Sweatshop workers pay the price for our bargains

The Independent 15-Jan-10 - Shoes given the boot as recession hits spending

The Guardian 13-Jan-10 - Supermarket ombudsman gets go-ahead

The Guardian 13-Jan-10 - Israel and protests against the Wall

The Guardian 11-Jan-10 - On the other side: Kibera Slum, Kenya

The Times 03-Jan-10 - Tony Blair's £1m-a-year paymaster seeks giant Iraqi oil deal


The Independent 04-Dec-09 - Primark faces new claims that it uses sweatshop labour

The Evening Herald 04-Dec-09 - New sweatshop labour claims against Penneys parent company Primark

Daily Mirror 10-Nov-09 - Cut-price wages for cut-price clothing

BBC News 07-Nov-09 - G20 summit tries to tackle rifts

Daily Mail 03-Nov-09 - Primark set to outstrip M&S as credit crunch fuels growth

The Guardian 03-Nov-09 - Primark profits boom prompts renewed attack by War on Want

The Times 23-Oct-09 - Government aims to impose rules on armed guards

The Guardian 20-Oct-09 - Regulate private military firms to stem rights abuses, ministers told

Sky News 06-Oct-09 - Campaigners Hungry For Supermarket Watchdog

New Statesman 24-Sep-09 - Make your own manifesto

The Guardian 27-Aug-09 - Charities applaud FSA's support for new bank tax

The Guardian 13-Aug-09 - How ethical are supermarket clothes?

Fair Home 07-Aug-09 - Ombudsman to discipline supermarket bullies

The Guardian 04-Aug-09 - Competition Commission calls for supermarket ombudsman

The Independent 04-Aug-09 - Commission defies supermarkets over ombudsman

The Independent 13-Jul-09 - Let voters decide aid projects, say Tories

Al Jazeera 11-Jul-09 - Decoding the G8 (video)

The Times 10-Jul-09 - M&S accused of hypocrisy over suppliers

London Evening Standard 07-Jul-09 - Primark shrugs off brickbats as sales go rocketing by 21% 04-Jul-09 - UK's largest retailer under fire after Bangladesh worker riots

The Independent 03-Jul-09 - Tesco faces union anger over meat workers

Citywire 03-Jul-09 - Tesco faces showdown over wages

The Guardian 01-Jul-09 - The future we are entitled to (letter)

The Guardian 22-Jun-09 - The trillion dollar drain on world's poor

UTV News 21-Jun-09 - Taxpayers hit by £150m cost of mercenaries

The Guardian 12-Jun-09 - World Cup 2010: football brings defining moment for South Africa

The Guardian 12-Jun-09 - Western Sahara's lingering crisis

The South African 21-May-09 - Tesco under fire in SA fruit picking row

The Guardian 15-May-09 - 'Tesco should give us some of those billions'

The Guardian 15-May-09 - Tesco 'breaking promise' to South African fruit pickers

Surrey Comet 05-May-09 - Tooting Primark opens early after protest threat

Sunday Times 03-May-09 - Poverty staff share £65m bonuses

The Scotsman 30-Apr-09 - Anger as boss of anti-poverty company is paid £1m a year

The Independent 30-Apr-09 - Poverty boss's £1m 'extraordinary' pay package revealed

The Guardian 29-Apr-09 - Made in Bangladesh: a tale of two workforces

Financial Times 25-Apr-09 - No licence requirement for private military 23-Apr-09 - Tesco, Primark 'poverty profits' attacked

Real News Network 01-Apr-09 - War on Want video interview at G20 protests

Daily Mirror 01-Apr-09 - G20 Summit: Cops talk to protesters in City riot fear

The Times 01-Apr-09 - On the spot: G20 battle between police and protesters outside RBS in City of London

The Guardian 25-Mar-09 - Brown's free trade plea 'puts millions of jobs at risk'

Mail & Guardian Online (South Africa) 13-Feb-09 - Cape wine workers paid less than R60 a day

Daily Mirror 13-Feb-09 - Valentine's wine whine

Daily Mail 13-Feb-09 - £2 bunch of roses: The budget bouquet for Valentine's Day, by Asda

The Guardian 31-Jan-09 - Keep ethical trading in fashion



The Independent 05-Dec-08 - Dhaka workers earn 'as little as 7p an hour'

The Telegraph 05-12-08 - Foreign high street clothes makers 'earn 7p an hour'

Channel 4 News 05-Dec-08 - Video report of War on Want demo outside Primark

The Guardian 05-Dec-08 - Retailers accused of ignoring Bangladeshi workers' plight

BBC News 05-Dec-08 - UK clothes chains 'abuse workers'  

Daily Telegraph 30-Oct-08 - Civil servants responsible for Third World aid get hundreds of thousands in bonuses  

The Times 29-Oct-08 - Shoppers vote Primark the least ethical clothing retailer  

The Guardian 12-Sep-08 - Fashion chains lag over living wage, says report  

The Guardian 09-Sep-08 - Norway ejects mining giant Rio from its pension portfolio  

The Independent 24-Aug-08 - British firms trading in Zimbabwe refuse to sign ethical code

The Daily Mail 26-Jun-08 - Now Tesco are caught up in child labour row over suppliers who pay only 16p an hour

The Evening Standard 26-Jun-08 - Tesco 'slave labour' row

The Daily Mail 23-Jun-08 - Exposed: Primark's fashion sweatshops that pay children just 60p a day

BBC Online 22-Jun-08 - Ministers pressed on child labour

Al Jazeera 14-May-08 - People and Power - Knockout Blow, part 2
Part 1 can be seen here

The Guardian 12-May-08 - UK palm oil consumption fuels Colombia violence, says report

The Guardian 17-Apr-08 - Investors in Rio Tinto and BP face protests

The Independent 21-Mar-09 - Wages row overshadows Banana Republic launch

Daily Mail 20-Mar-08 - Banana Republic opens first store in London - but is accused of paying Indian workers just 15p an hour

The Guardian 18-Feb-08 - Miliband urged to regulate private military

Counterpunch 16-Feb-08 - Bush returns to Africa

The Herald 14-Feb-08 - Charity urges Westminster to regulate UK mercenary firms

The Mirror 14-Feb-08 - Charity blasts 10p/hr pay for Third World Valentine's rose workers

Daily Mail 13-Feb-08 - Cheap supermarket Valentine roses 'exploit the poor'



The Sunday Times 23-Dec-07 - Disney toys made in 'sweatshops'

The Guardian 18-Dec-07 - Exploitation at a discount

BBC Online 04-Dec-07 - Charity urges mercenary crackdown

The Guardian 20-Nov-07 - Mining accused of complicity in rights violations

BBC Online 20-Nov-07 - Mining firms 'polluting Africa'

The Independent 16-Nov-07 - The real cost of fashion: A special report

The Guardian 13-Nov-07 - Charities want UK to withhold World Bank cash over loans to poor

The Guardian 22-Sep-07 - Iraq's hired hands under fire as the pot of gold starts to run low

The Independent 14-Sep-07 - Sweatshops paying workers half what they need to live

The Guardian 14-Sep-07 - Top fashion brands accused over failure to ensure living wage

Muslim Weekly 14-Sep-07 - Palestinian footballers denied visas to UK

The Guardian 03-Sep-07 - The sweatshop high street

Forbes 30-Aug-07 - The 100 Most Powerful Women: #7 Cynthia Carroll

BBC Online 17-Aug-07 - Scepticism over UK clothes claims

The Scotsman 09-Aug-07 - Does the devil wear Primark?

The Guardian 03-Aug-07 - Mining giant accused of profiting from abuse by
Colombian army

The Times 03-Aug-07 - Tesco's Fresh & Easy stores hit image problem before opening

BBC Online 16-Jul-07 - Tesco and Asda check abuse claims

The Guardian 16-Jul-07 - Asda, Primark and Tesco accused over clothing factories

Scotland on Sunday 03-Jun-07 - In the line of fire

Daily Telegraph 15-May-07 - Investor puts ethics on Tesco's agenda

BBC World Service 14-May-07 - Armies for hire

Counterpunch 12-May-07 - Inside Colombia's flower industry

The Times 28-Apr-07 - Bargain hunter: sale mania

Daily Mail 09-Apr-07 - Who's the real fashion victim?

The Guardian 06-Apr-07 - Primark's £8 jeans and £2 bikinis cause stampede

The Guardian 02-Apr-07 - 25% of UK Iraq aid budget goes to security firms

The Guardian 15-Mar-07 - Charity calls for compensation for flower workers

The Independent 15-Mar-07 - The pain and abuse behind a Mother's Day bouquet

The Observer 25-Feb-07 - Iraq poised to hand control of oil fields to foreign firms



India Times 09-Dec-06 - Cheap labour, death trap factories haunt Tesco

The Guardian 08-Dec-06 - An 80-hour work week for 5p an hour: the real price of high-street fashion

BBC Online 08-Dec-06 - UK firms 'exploiting Bangladesh'

The Metro 08-Dec-06 - Supermarkets' sweatshop shame

The Guardian 31-Oct-06 - Fears over huge growth in Iraq's unregulated private armies

The Independent 30-Oct-06 - Blair accused of trying to 'privatise' war in Iraq

The Independent 30-Oct-06 - Privatisation has no place in war

BBC Online 30-Oct-06 - Security firms 'abusing Iraqis'

Financial Times 30-Oct-06 - Government delays plans to regulate use of private armed guards in war zones

The Independent 11-Sep-06 - Aid agency slated over power projects

The Guardian 18-Aug-06 - Has Coke become the new McDonald's?

The Guardian 25-Jul-06 - Campaign of the Week: War on Want

Financial Times 15-Jun-06 - Ethics, enterprise and expediency

The Independent 12-Jun-06 - Asda accused of risking food hygiene to cut costs

The Independent 08-Jun-06 - The Ethics Audit 2006

BBC World Service 06-Jun-06 - Debate: Global Business and Corporate Social Responsibility

Political Affairs 09-May-06 - The 'Coke side of life' could get you killed

BBC Online 26-Apr-06 - EU and US rapped over trade talks

ZNet 03-Apr-06 - Coca Cola: Sucking Communities Dry 03-Apr-06 - Campaigners seek business responsibility

Financial Times 30-Mar-06 - EU aims to curb export taxes in Doha talks

The Guardian 22-Mar-06 - Brown's globalisation panel of 'wise men' attacked from all sides

The Observer 19-Mar-06 - Coke 'drinks India dry'

Independent on Sunday 19-Mar-06 - Coke: Campaigners demand action against feelgood drinks firm

Ekklesia 08-Mar-06 - Parishes to boycott C of E over continued investment in Caterpillar

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