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War on Want overseas partners

War on Want works in direct partnership with grassroots organisations in the developing world on the front line in the struggle against global poverty and injustice.

Our work is organised around these four issues:

informal economy programmes area

Informal economy

We work with people who are outside the formal, regulated economy - such as street vendors and market traders - and with people who live in informal housing conditions, such as shack settlements, townships and council estates.

sweatshops and plantations programmes area

Sweatshops & plantations

We support workers in factories and on plantations, who create products for export, to help them fight for their rights, a fairer share of the profits and binding regulation in the global economy.

food sovereignty programmes area

Food sovereignty

In rural areas, land - and the ability to grow and sell food - is essential for survival. Millions are dependent on small farmers' production, but free trade policies are pushing them as governments give support to large-scale agriculture geared towards exports.

resources and conflict programmes area

Resources & conflict

The struggle for natural resources is one of the main causes of conflict throughout the world, driving millions deeper into poverty. We work in partnership with those resisting the plunder of their natural resources by multinational corporations.

Unfortunately, unsolicited applications for funding cannot be considered by War on Want due to overwhelming demand and constraints of time.

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